🤳 Selfies as a Second Language, Steve Jobs, How a High-End Classic Car Goes Electric, Cosmos, Collapse, Urbit, and Much More!
👨‍🎨 Dall•E, The Electric Car Pre-Order Problem, Heresy, Relentless, Startupy, ISS, and Much More!
🚢 Global Supply Chains, To Infinity and Beyond, Partial Reprogramming, Population Collapse, Campground, and Much More!
🌾 Food Supplies, The Russian Aviation Industry, Hard to Work With, Prestige, System, and Much More!
🚂 Remove Barriers to Productivity, Meritocracy, Survival of the Prettiest, Amie, Your Red, and Much More!
📱 The Truth About Online Dating, 14 Peaks, Jakarta, Substack Reader, Knowledge Networks, and Much More!
📱 Vertical Social Networks, Ukraine, Russia, Goody, Hiring Young Talents, Engineering Victory, and Much More!
🤔 Skepticism vs. Dogma, Squat Every Day, Strategic Relocation, We Need Crypto, Pirates, Alan Watts, and Much More!
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The Long Game by Mehdi Yacoubi