Sitemap - 2020 - The Long Game by Mehdi Yacoubi

The Long Game 33: Fixing Back Pain, 2020 Review, Escaping Virtual Reality, Irrational Time Allocation

The Long Game 32: Restoring Vision, Social Status, Mental Models, Engineering Scarcity, Tradition

The Long Game 31: Insulin Resistance, How Will You Measure Your Life, Information Diets, Uploading Your Mind

The Long Game 30: Breath, Anxiety, the Memory Palace, Fascinate, A History of Future Cities

The Long Game 29: Continuous Cortisol Monitoring, Psychedelics and Religion, Different Identities, Malignant

The Long Game 28: Metabolic Health, Digital Pause, Storytelling, Digitizing History, Up and Down

The Long Game 27: Announcing lifetizr, Empathy & Curiosity, Being Coachable, Internal Communication, The End of History

The Long Game 26: Air Quality and Cognition, Social Connections, The Decadent Society, Mental Models Checklist

The Long Game 25: Dogma in Science, Alzheimer's Disease, Meritocracy, Time, Who vs. What

The Long Game 24: Stoicism and Wellbeing, Cold Exposure, Listening, Hiring, Political Extremism

The Long Game 23: Making the West Great Again, Thinking Biases in Medicine, Propaganda, Building Utopia, Optimism

The Long Game 22: Longevity Escape Velocity, Psychedelics, Effective Altruism, Crypto State, Turbulent Twenties

The Long Game 21: Manhattan Project for Aging, 7 Powers, How to Live in a Simulation, Graeber and the Future, Decision-Making

The Long Game 20: Lambda School for Health & Wellness, Progress Studies, Moats, Brain Drain, Emotional Literacy

The Long Game 19: Bio-Tracking, Failure, Thinking Like an Athlete, Movement Marketing, Prediction Markets

The Long Game 18: Cryonics, Mindfulness, Psychedelics, Nobody Cares, Revolutions, History Has Begun

The Long Game 17: From Precision Wellness to Life Extension, Design and Wellness, Charlie Munger, Elite Overproduction, Fame

The Long Game 16: Living in a Simulation, the Golden Mean, Gamification, Back Pain, Risk Management

The Long Game 15: Health in 2030, Floating Cities, Mental Health Crisis, Cult Wars, Giving Advice

The Long Game 14: Strava for Health, Think Weeks, Personal Mental Models, Exclusivity and Hype

The Long Game 13: Regenerative Agriculture, Sleep Optimization, Categorical Thinking, Victimization, Remote Teams

The Long Game 12: Early Disease Detection, Storytelling, Being Wrong, Talent, Universal Basic Income

The Long Game 11: Apple and Longevity, Discomfort, Writing, Failing, Communities, Narratives

The Long Game 10: Epigenetic Clock, Information Diet, Prepping, Pricing, Risk, Hip-Hop, Reading, Good Doctors

The Long Game 9: Longevity vs. Performance, the Mimetic Theory, French Elite, Risk Homeostasis, Montaigne and the Plague

The Long Game 8: Fasting and Metabolism, Doing Nothing, the Dating Economy, Walking, Thinking Small, Beating Aging

The Long Game 7: Blood Testing, Giving, Finding the Truth, Social Audio, Bruce Lee, Charter Cities, the Idea Maze

The Long Game 6: Radical Life Extension, The End of Gyms, Scientific Thinking, Product/Market Fit, healthOS, Intra-Elite Competition

The Long Game 5: Mental Health & Wealth, Psychedelics, Apps & Happiness, Inversion, New MVP, Signaling as a Service

The Longe Game 4: Longevity, Cold Showers, Second-Order Thinking, Red Teams, Ergodicity, European Startups, Idea Generation

The Long Game 3: My CGM Experiment, Meditation, Why Books Don't Work, Remote Work, Things at Scale, Happiness Studies

The Long Game 2: Centenarian Olympics, Normalcy Bias, Michael Jordan, Long walks, Tobi Lutke, Irrationality

The Long Game 1: Wearing a CGM as a Non-Diabetic, High-Performance Lifestyle, Backcasting, Life Planning, the Science of Happiness

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