Sitemap - 2021 - The Long Game by Mehdi Yacoubi

The Long Game 85: Best of 2021, the Power of Positivity, Giving Advice

The Long Game 84: Heart Rate Variability, Fun, Superstition, Strength

The Long Game 83: Wearable Data & Lifestyle Modifications, Emotional Intelligence, Optionality, Blood Testing

The Long Game 82: Diagnostic-Grade Wearables, Healthier Cities, What Not to Do, The Execution Mindset

The Long Game 81: Gratitude, The Guilt Trap, Hard Work, Career Moats

The Long Game 80: The Tail End, The Dangerous Experiment on Teen Girls, Decisiveness, Hooked

The Long Game 79: Burn, Uncertainty, The Reading Obsession, Positioning

The Long Game 78: Turning Blood into Human Eggs, Crypto Cities, Choosing to Suffer, Coordination Headwinds

The Long Game 77: Digital Health, The Courage to be Disliked, Playing Infinite Games, Honest Brokers

The Long Game 76: Human Performance, Efficiency, Discovering New Ideas, Do Design

The Long Game 75: Chronic Pain, Project Blueprint, Changing Your Mind, Tech x Bio

The Long Game 74: Vital, Knowing Yourself, Narrative Distillation, Biology, Endurance

The Long Game 73: Hacking Darwin, Dream Teams, Inspiration4, Good Predictions

The Long Game 72: Air Quality, the Cream of Life, Science Fictions, Getting Luck on Your Side

The Long Game 71: The Price of One More Healthy Year, Measuring Life, Early Setbacks, UX Research

The Long Game 70: Free Time & Happiness, Health Optimization, Dopamine, Optionality

The Long Game 69: Altos Labs, Chemical Hunger, Obsessive Walking & Great Thinking, Próspera

The Long Game 68: Zone 2 Training, the Efficiency Trap, Mimetic Desire, Optimism, Tote Bags

The Long Game 67: Vital, Smartphones & Wellbeing, Seeing the Future, Remote Work

The Long Game 66: Feeling Great, Sacrifice, Cold Emails, How Asia Works

The Long Game 65: Polygenic Embryo Screening, Cognitive Improvement, The Measure & Improve Paradox

The Long Game 64: Longevity Moonshot, Positive People, Awkwardness Principle, Product Thinking

The Long Game 63: Fraudulent Health Research, Social Media Use & Wellbeing, Other-Optimizing, Alchemy

The Long Game 62: US Army & Longevity, Good Strategy Bad Strategy, Happiness vs. Comfort

The Long Game 61: Changing Your Mind, Non-Sleep Deep Rest, No Rules Rules, Alan Watts

The Long Game 60: Non-Invasive Health Sensors, Loneliness & Technology, Polygenically Screened Babies

The Long Game 59: The Health Challenges of Spaceflights, Startup Mental Health, Inner Circle

The Long Game 58: Health Benefits of Nature, Lindy Effect, Precognition, the Pension Apocalypse

The Long Game 57: Alcohol Consumption & Aging, Friendships, Bioprinting Organs, Long Term Thinking

The Long Game 56: Optimism & Longevity, Happiness vs. Income, Personal Best, Solving Problems

The Long Game 55: Smartwatch Data Predicting Blood Tests, GPT-3, Internet & the Loneliness Epidemic

The Long Game 54: Workouts & Social Class, Countdown, Playing Your Own Game, Non-Values

The Long Game 53: What the Aging Field Needs, Authenticity is a Sham, Via Negativa, Familiarity

The Long Game 52: What Accelerates Aging, the Spectrum of Optimism, Unhappy Millenials, the Paypal Formula

The Long Game 51: Crypto x Longevity, Hiking, The Happiness Hypothesis, the End of Credentials, Genome Editing

The Long Game 50: Epigenetic Age Reversal, Don't Try, Mental Health at Startups, Languishing

The Long Game 49: Optimizing Testosterone, Social Relations & Wellbeing, Fooled by Randomness, Próspera

The Long Game 48: DNA Testing, Wellness as a Status Symbol, Peer Review, Climbing the Wrong Hill

The Long Game 47: A Wearable for Mental Health, Beauty, Dark Force vs. Light Force Motivation, Staying Positive

The Long Game 46: The Centenarian Olympics, Doing the Work, Trust, Managing Your Psychology

The Long Game 45: Rapamycin Human Trial, Finding a Hobby, Being Out There, The Righteous Mind

The Long Game 44: People Want to Feel like Athletes, the Human Screenome Project, Surviving Long Enough

The Long Game 43: Fertility in the Western World, Mindset Interventions, Talking to Strangers

The Long Game 42: How to Take Supplements, Mental Health & Phone Calls, Advice, Startups in 13 Sentences

The Long Game 41: Wellness Programs, Woo Science, Commenting vs Making, Work-Life Balance

The Long Game 40: Mental Health & Robots, Aging Research, Incentives, Secrets of Sand Hill Road

The Long Game 39: The Upside of Stress, Choice vs Commitment, Effective Executive, Thinking & Doing

The Long Game 38: The Oxygen Advantage, Efficiency, Writing, Truth Over Ego, Existential Risks

The Long Game 37: Anti-Aging State of the Art, Success & Happiness, Better Listening, Radical Candor

The Long Game 36: The Problems with Research Papers, 'Oumuamua, Color Wheel, the Dark Side of Smart

The Long Game 35: Alzheimer's and Glucose Metabolism, Quality Time, Amp It Up, Open-Mindedness

The Long Game 34: Fertility in the Red Zone, Getting Smarter vs. Being Productive, Taking the Direct Path