Sitemap - 2022 - The Long Game by Mehdi Yacoubi

The Long Game 136: Best of 2022, Predictions for 2023

The Long Game 135: Diet & Identity, The Internet Wants to Be Fragmented, Building in Public, Remembering

The Long Game 134: Longevity Diets, How Will You Measure Your Life, Imitating People, Wisdom & Age

The Long Game 133: Sperm Count, Knowing What You Really Want, Unsolicited Advice, Validation is a Mirage

The Long Game 132: Process Over Outcomes, Wellbeing & Money, Struggling is Essential, James Dyson

The Long Game 131: Mental Illness & Metabolic Disease, Marriage Is a Team Sport, “Better note-taking” Misses the Point

The Long Game 130: The "Science-Based" Scam, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Food Pyramid, Virtual Reality

The Long Game 129: Embodied Exercise, Why is Modern Dating so Hard, Setting the Pace, Fermenting Great Ideas

The Long Game 128: How Scientists Want to Make You Young Again, Measuring Well Being, Forecasting, The Bill Gurley Chronicles

The Long Game 127: Chronic Fatigue & Chronic Conditions, Holiday Destinations, Region Beta Paradox, Embracing the Grind

The Long Game 126: The Obesity Epidemic, Friendship, Being Curious, Asking for Help is a Superpower

The Long Game 125: 40 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Lifting, Identity, Pessimism is a Barrier to Progress

The Long Game 124: Dietary Protein, Career & Life, Nobody Cares, Getting Stuff Done, Content Industrial Complex

The Long Game 123: Health Requires Effort, Happiness & Culture, Control the Memes Control the Universe, Modern Malaise

The Long Game 122: The Age of Pills, Financial Wellness, Competition, AI Updates

The Long Game 121: Low T, Work-Life Blend, Mimetic Traps, Creating Rituals, Steroids

The Long Game 120: Increasing Your VO2max, Identity-Based Health Practices, Seeking Discomfort, Biographies Instead of Business Books

The Long Game 119: Alcohol Consumption, Artificial Sweeteners, Marriage, The Midwit Trap, Hard Feedback

The Long Game 118: Lengthening a Woman's Fertility, Location & Wellbeing, How to Future, Most Stuff Won't Work

The Long Game 117: A Benchmark of Fitness, Authenticity, Reality Catches Up, Consistent Hard Work

The Long Game 116: Electrolytes & Hydration, Digital Sabbath, Productivity Tools, Being Positive

The Long Game 115: 27 Lessons for 27 Years, Hard Work, Bad Week for Science, Booktubers

The Long Game 114: CO2 Monitoring, The Hypocrisy of Elites, Morale, Only the Paranoid Survives

The Long Game 113: Getting the Devs Jacked, US Life Expectancy, Happiness is Incremental, Don't Read History for Lessons

The Long Game 112: Protein Intake, Unhappiness, Taste, Hard Work, The Network State

The Long Game 111: Wearables — From Data to Insights, Finding the Right Life Partner, Movement Marketing, Men Don't Age Like Wine

The Long Game 110: Losing Muscle with Age, Time Anxiety, Being an Asker, Sticking with the Plan

The Long Game 109: The Obsession with Optimization, Travel is no Cure for the Mind, Luxury Beliefs, Steroids

The Long Game 108: Push-Ups Pull-Ups & Greasing the Groove, Raising Others' Expectations, Terrapunk Manifesto

The Long Game 107: What if Age is Nothing but a Mindset, Optionality, Being a Novice, Owning the Demand

The Long Game 106: Nootropics, Rituals & Purpose, Not Taking Things Personally, Build, Genetic Variants

The Long Game 105: Training for Longevity, Patience & Impatience, Vanishing People, Social Graphs

The Long Game 104: Continuous Monitoring, Younger & Wiser, Longevity, Blessings & Curses, Genius

The Long Game 103: The Hispanic Paradox, Walking the World, Changing Behavior is Hard, Mental Health & Building a Startup

The Long Game 102: The Gym Business, Why Teens Are So Sad, Magical Products, Analyzing vs. Doing, Social Apps

The Long Game 101: Endemic Pathogens, Extreme Ownership, Creating Something From Scratch, Myth of the Well-Read

The Long Game 100: Air Quality & Cognitive Performance, Less Information, Rippling, Forecasting

The Long Game 99: Readiness Scores, From Deep Dives to Simplicity, News, Company Culture

The Long Game 98: Strength Training, Teens & Social Media, How People Think

The Long Game 97: Going to the Doctor, Longtermism, Art, Debunking Cynicism

The Long Game 96: Endocrine Disruptors, Low Expectations, Obsession, Deep Work

The Long Game 95: Mindfulness Apps, Nutritional Epidemiology, Hustle Culture, Shock Cycle

The Long Game 94: Behavior Change Through Wearables, Predicting Future Trends, Exercising for Depression

The Long Game 93: New Theses on Sleep, Behavioral Activation, Going Back to the Fundamentals

The Long Game 92: Managing People, Surrogate Endpoints, Complaining, Heuristics

The Long Game 91: Fitness but Free, Loneliness Epidemic, Optimism, No Filter

The Long Game 90: Improving HRV, Moving in Sync, Wanting, Early-Stage Lessons

The Long Game 89: Infertility & Lifestyle, Amp It Up, Exercise & Anxiety

The Long Game 88: Cooking & Air Quality, Expectations, Quitter's Day & Walking, Defaults

The Long Game 87: Stress & Heart Health, Addiction to Pleasure, Demanding & Supportive

The Long Game 86: Mental Wealth, Not Having Time, the Decline of Rationality